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From jewelry to luxury cars and more

Flexible Lending Against Assets of Wealth

From $10,000 to $10 Million & Rates from 1.9% a Month. No Financial Disclosure or Credit Checks

Transform your assets into opportunities

Our industry-leading experts can immediately inspect and evaluate any type of modern or vintage asset. If you’re not using your asset, let your asset work for you!

Financing that fits your needs

If you have assets of value and need immediate capital, we can provide you with 
short-term loans, business loans, personal loans and flexible terms

Asset Backed Loan

Our ABL structure allows you to use your luxury asset to secure the financing you need. With no credit checks, only your asset is used to secure the loan.

Pooled Asset Loan

Our PAL structure enables you to utilize assets in multiple categories at the same time to meet your capital needs and gain immediate access to funds.

Managed Sale Advance

Our MSA structure allows you to unlock the value of your assets, and gain some initial liquidity as our team sells your asset for you at the highest value.

Unlock the Value of your Assets and Contact Flexwealth Today

How It Works

Flexwealth has a simple process to evaluate your assets and provide the cash you need within 24 hours

Our team of experts will review and place the highest value on your asset

Accept the offer made by our team of appraisal and lending experts, and your loan will fund within 24-48 hours

Upon repayment of the loan, your asset will be returned back to you, safe and sound

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I would highly recommend Flexwealth to anyone in need of a short term loan

“I would like to thank Flexwealth and its excellent staff for the service you had provided me in April 2018. I found myself in need of a short term loan to pay my taxes on time so I would not get penalized, and Flexwealth was there to help by lending against my IRA. Your professionalism and quick response was truly outstanding. The paperwork needed to complete the transaction was finished within a matter of days and I was able to move ahead with my obligations.”


Bonnie L, Westbury, NY

Flexwealth has been an amazing asset to me and my business.

“As an avid car and motorcycle collector, Flexwealth has always been there for me to provide liquidity to take advantage of great buys at auction, and help me expand my financial services business. The owner Gary has always been there for me and bends over backwards at a minute's notice. I can’t believe how easy the paperwork always is. I’ve been working with them for over 5 years now and when I need quick cash it’s simply a phone call away. I highly recommend their services for their ease and flexibility. Thank you Flexwealth!!!!”

Larry Z, Tampa, FL

This was a pivotal moment in mine and my children’s life, I am forever grateful.

"In 2017 when myself and my family fell on tough times, I was able to turn to Flexwealth to borrow $150,000 on my 2008 Tiara 43ft boat within days. This enabled us to get back on our feet, repay the loan in full within months, and later recoup our $375k investment and more. This was a pivotal moment in mine and my children’s life, I am forever grateful."




Matt R,Merrick, NY

Flexwealth has been there for me in a pinch

“There have been there several times when I’ve needed liquidity quickly and didn’t have it. I had plenty of assets but my cash flow was running very tight. I was able to get a loan for $100,000 extremely quickly against my 37ft Fountain race boat, and get the cash I needed to take advantage of an opportunity. If it wasn’t for Gary and Flexwealth, I would not have been able to do so.”




Sam G, Long Island, NY


Yes, we are a licensed asset-based lender, and our funding is solely calculated on the value of your luxury assets.

You can use your personal assets to get cash. Assets include: boats or yachts, luxury or classic cars, jewelry, busses, RVs, watches, planes, etc.

We evaluate your assets to see how much equity value they have. We then place an amount to the asset that can be funded.

The customer receiving the loan pays for any survey on a boat, or evaluation on his or her asset. This will give Flexwealth a safe certified funding amount by a professional appraiser, based solely on the asset.

No, we do not require credit checks ever! The approval is based on the equity value of your asset property.

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