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Job Description

We have an extensive training program for our new brokers on various techniques to help them excel at communicating our highly customized services to clients who are in need of short-term loans.

Our approach is consulting, client funding and providing peace of mind to our client base. Through positive, personal interactions, we truly want our clients to reap all the benefits and security of the lending services we provide.

We have created a profitable approach that offers a substantial commission to brokers from the customers they provide us. Partnering with the best professionals in the business for the latest marketing software, our methods are research-driven.

Our short-term loans are comparative with today’s market; the rates are ever-changing. Our unique approach to lending, constant client communication and amazing proprietary software makes us the #1 licensed asset-based lender.

Flexwealth brokers can offer their customers an opportunity to get cash out of their personal asset properties. They can even sell their asset while they have the loan. This is a win for the broker and the customer.

We help our brokers to flourish and advance in this proven asset-based lending business with all the necessary communication tools and support to succeed.

We want you to make money, so we can make money with you.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Possesses ultra-fast communication skills, understanding the various asset-based markets and developing quick customer funding solutions.

  • Has the determination to consistently follow up with the client, understanding his or her needs, and handling all forms to finalize the deal.

  • Shares a passion for developing and strengthening client relationships through frequent communication.

  • Has a positive attitude and thrives in a fast-paced learning environment.

If you are looking to grow your career with a highly trained team of professionals, apply for a broker position at Flexwealth today.

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