Yes, we are a licensed asset-based lender, and our funding is solely calculated on the value of your luxury assets. When banks reject, we accept!

You can use your personal assets to get cash. Assets include: boats or yachts, luxury or classic cars, jewelry, busses, RVs, watches, planes, etc.

We evaluate your assets to see how much equity value they have. We then place an amount to the asset that can be funded.

The customer receiving the loan pays for any survey on a boat, or evaluation on his or her asset. This will give Flexwealth a safe certified funding amount by a professional appraiser, based solely on the asset.

No, we do not require credit checks ever! The approval is based on the equity value of your asset property.

Flexwealth takes possession of your asset until the loan is paid in full.

We provide short-term loans for four months. The loan can be extended if needed.

Yes, you can still keep your asset and sell it. Once it is sold, you can pay off your loan.

Yes. If the asset has a bank loan or lien, and it appraises for a higher amount above the lien, we will pay off the lien and the buyer will receive the balance of the funded amount.